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Scott Nolan
Scott grew up as a 'military brat' and called no one place home, though most of his memories are from Suffolk, England and Rome, New York. He graduated from Rome Free Academy in 1982 and went to both Mohawk Valley Community College and Syracuse Univeristy before joining the Air Force out of a need to defer college debt and try to get more money to finish a degree in Computer Science.

Scott served for over 10 years in the Air Force, enjoying assignments to Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, the Pentagon, and Omaha. While in the Air Force he got involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism for a while, continued going to some college classes in Japanese and Computer Science, spun records and compact discs as a disc jocky to supplement a meager Air Force income. While stationed in Japan Scott converted to Buddhism and became a member of Soka Gakkai. While assigned to the Pentagon, he got married to Erci Stern (www.vampyr.org) and dropped his SCA membership for activity in La Belle Compangie (www.labelle.org).

Scott left active duty in December of 1994, and started working at America Online as a UNIX systems administrator (one of the first at that company). He left AOL in November 2007 and followed some friends to Ruckus Music, but Ruckus got bought by TotalMusic in 2008, and TotalMusic got bought by Project Playlist in 2009. Scott contracted through Pivotal at Neustar for 8 months, then was unemployed for a month before landing his present job at Neustar in Sterling, Virginia.

In May of 1996, Scott started taking ballroom dance lessons with Arthur Murray, and he continues to dance at a few independent studios for the joy of it. In 2000, Scott became involved in politics and started working various political campaigns. Participation is what makes democracy work. In 2001, Scott took up SCUBA diving again, and travels infrequently to warm places with beautiful reefs. In 2002, Scott and Erci moved into their dream home, constructed from plans and ideas they had both been carrying around since high school. Scott is an active member of Soka Gakkai and studies Buddhism as a lifelong practice and philosophy. He also enjoys riding recumbent bicycles, marine aquariums, wine and movies, and petting Bailey, his cat. In 2013, Scott and Erci decided to end their partnership and find happiness independently.
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